Audi A7 at H.J. Pfaff Audi


Audi A7 at H.J. Pfaff Audi

The re-engineered A7 Sportback is a study in athletic aesthetics and elegance. Sporty new features and a strikingly unique design result in a remarkable vehicle that is in a class of its own. If you are looking for a new Audi A7, then H.J. Pfaff Audi Newmarket is the place for you! We encourage you to schedule a test drive in this premium quality Audi sports car today. In this article by H.J. Pfaff Audi, we will focus on some of the benefits you can experience when you get behind the wheel of an Audi A7.


Elite Infotainment

The new A7 takes everything you loved about Audi infotainment and expands on it. The 14-speaker Bose surround sound system is now standard. The car also includes all of the usual features like smartphone integration and a touch screen control center.


Jaw dropping interior

The inside of the A7 looks great. Leather upholstery is accented with wooden trim. Four separate climate zones combine with a heated, eight-way power seats to maximize comfort, and the vehicle has impressive space for a sedan. Having a few more inches of leg and shoulder room may not sound like much, but it makes the vehicle feel much more spacious than the competition.


Pristine safety engineering

The A7 scored a perfect five stars on its collision safety testing. It has a sporty cage that is suited for safety despite the high speeds the car can achieve. It also responds admirably, successfully testing a 60 km/h full stop in only 106 feet. This blows away the competition.




Track quality acceleration

Sure, the A7 has a big engine, but that’s nothing without the rest of a performance package. Geared towards enthusiasts, the A7 has a sweet suspension that handles smoothly when the vehicle’s limits are tested. The acceleration is the big draw, with the standard engine managing a crispy 0 to 60 in just 3.9 seconds.


Exterior that has been tuned to perfection

The A7 was not completely redesigned in 2018. Instead, it has been subtly tweaked to improve aerodynamics, efficiency and the aesthetic. It even better captures the sleek, sporty look that the series encapsulates. The little performance boosts take it over the top.


If you are looking for a premium quality sports car, then the Audi A7 at H.J. Pfaff Audi in Newmarket is the car for you! For more information about the Audi A7, or about any of our other vehicles, please feel free to continue browsing through our website. Click here to find our contact information, schedule a test drive, or to fill out our contact form.