Which Audi should I choose for performance?


Which Audi should I choose for performance? 

Today’s automotive industry is a crowded place full of models that aim for the same market position and a place in the hearts of drivers around the world. However, in this highly competitive environment, only the best engineered and most interesting cars can achieve legendary status and become widely known just by their model designation. If a car is recognized by only two letters, you know that you are dealing with a truly special model. This is exactly the case with Audi’s RS model lineup. If you are looking for an Audi vehicle that can provide you with performance, then an Audi RS could be the perfect fit for you. At HJ Pfaff Audi in Newmarket, ON, we have a massive selection of Audi vehicles that are waiting for you to take out for a test drive so that you can truly experience their performance. In this blog, we share some information about which Audi you should choose for the best performance. 

A brief history of the RS line 

The history of the RS lineup started in the ‘80s after Audi won numerous rally championships with the iconic Audi Quattro, which boasted one of the first truly competent all-wheel-drive systems in production cars. The quattro drivetrain was so influential that Audi chose to install it in all of its top of the line models. However, speed-oriented engineers wanted to see this feature in performance cars as well. The concept of unbelievable grip coming from an intelligent all-wheel-drive system powered by a strong turbocharged engine was so appealing that Audi’s management had little choice but to approve the project.

The first proper RS model was introduced in 1994, and it was in a league of its own, displaying outstanding performance unrivaled in the market. Called the RS2, with RS standing for RennSport, it was a station wagon version of Audi 80, which looked like any other wagon on the road in the early ‘90s.

Below, we’ll introduce the Audi RS lineup and highlight what exactly makes these cars so desirable:

RS 3 Sedan:

The Audi A3 sedan caused a stir amongst car enthusiasts because it offered premium, distinctive Audi characteristics in a compact, four-door package at an affordable price. Sadly, performance car fans had to wait for 2017 and the introduction of Audi RS 3 to witness the release of the most powerful model in its class. The 2017 RS 3 model marks a new chapter in RS performance lineage and represents the entry-level model in the exclusive RS range. The RS 3 sedan is available in several unique colors, any of which deliver a stunning powerhouse capable of outrunning sports cars while carrying four adults with their entire luggage.

RS 7:

Despite the fact that the full-size SUV craze has swept the world, there are still a few interesting automotive classes where elegance and presence count more than the number of cup holders or cubic inches of trunk space. One of those is the four-door coupe segment, which offers highly stylized alternatives to regular full-size luxury sedans. Audi decided to present the RS 7 as an understated machine for true enthusiasts who appreciate the power, technology and bespoke quality of the package more than unnecessary attention.


The third generation of Audi’s entry-level sports coupe, the popular TT, was introduced in 2014. With an improved design, advanced technology and better drying dynamics, the TT has continued to be one of the best choices in its class and an affordable driver’s machine with the road manners of an expensive exotic. Audi offers a range of engine options and trim packages for the TT, and buyers will receive a competent coupe or convertible with satisfying performance and a premium feel.

RS 5 Coupe:

The newest member of the highly exclusive RS model range is the recently presented RS 5 coupe. This car represents the new generation of RS models and further polishes the original RS philosophy while introducing newly developed engines, transmissions, and drivetrains. In short, the RS 5 brings the idea of a performance coupe to a different level, clearly distinguishing itself from the competitors, not only in terms of styling but also in engineering and quality.

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