Audi Modifications in Newmarket

Are you looking for Audi modification sin the Newmarket area? Do you want some new rims or perhaps a new performance exhaust? Well if so, H.J. Pfaff Audi is the place for you! Audi vehicles are highly customizable, and we have access to many high quality aftermarket parts and accessories through our Pfaff Tuning division. People like to customize their Audis to make them sound better, go faster, and look different. In this article by H.J. Pfaff Audi, we will talk about some common Audi modifications

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Audi Modifications

Performance Air Intakes:

Think of an engine as a giant air pump. The better it breathes, the better it performs. Standard air intakes are designed by manufacturers to be easy to access and support an affordable filter system. Not ideal for performance. Fitting a custom Audi performance cold air intake from Pfaff Tuning will enhance the flow of air through your engine, making it more responsive and powerful.

Exhaust System:

There are many different types of modification that you can make to your standard Audi exhaust system. It all depends on how much of an increase in performance you are looking for. Stock exhaust systems are made to meet emissions standards and keep manufacturing costs low. One of the fastest mods is to replace the stock catalytic converter with a high flow one. This is the same principle as the air intake; the easier the exhaust gas flow, the better the performance all while keeping the emissions within the legal limit. More advanced mods include replacing the original exhaust manifold with a long or short tube header.

Styling and Look:

Wait, fitting new wheels is actually a performance enhancement? Yup! If you make the right choice of new mags and tires you can definitely improve your car’s road holding. The trick is in knowing what will work best for your ride.


Audi Modifications 2

If you are looking to get Audi modifications done to your car in Newmarket, then we encourage you to visit us at H.J. Pfaff Audi today. With Pfaff Tuning on your side, you will be exposed to a plethora of modification parts and accessories. For more information about H.J. Pfaff Audi or Pfaff Tuning, please feel free to continue browsing through our website. Click here to find our contact information and to fill out our contact form.