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8 Hours of Passion: Budget Track Car Challenge

"Four Ringed Circus"


Extensive testing and refinement for our budget track car are top of mind this season to make sure we get as much as possible from our A3. With the help of Robert Forman, Pfaff’s Track Event Coordinator, and the Apex Driver Training team, we have lined up some testing days on track. At minimum four, and more if our schedules allow, at both the Canadian Tire Motorsport Grand Prix, and Driver Development tracks. Affectionately known as Mosport, the GP track is the fastest in North America, and offers high speed blind corners with massive elevation changes. Not for the faint of heart. The Driver Development track (DDT) is a slower, but very technical track, great for less experienced drivers to learn the basics, and improve a more experienced driver’s knowledge.

We will be putting our car through some serious punishment leading up to the 8 Hours of Passion event in September, to ensure that any issues are identified and dealt with before the main event. As the saying goes, to finish first, one must first finish!

Our first track day at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park GP track proved a good shakedown of the A3, allowing us to clear the cobwebs and get the 2.0L turbo running hot again!


 After our first adrenaline fueled track day, all seems well with the A3. Mechanically sound and running well!  We did feel some suspension changes will help make the car become more settled and we’ll be working on that aspect coming up.

Stay tuned for future updates.