Why should I buy a new Audi R8 Coupe?


Why should I buy a new Audi R8 Coupe?

If you are in the market to drop some serious cash on a premium quality Audi sports car for the summer, then why not check out the 2021 Audi R8 Coupe at HJ Pfaff Audi. At our Newmarket, ON, dealership, our customers can find a very large selection of high-end Audi vehicles of all kinds. For the sports car segment, the Audi R8 is in a league all its own. The Audi R8 is a very unique-looking vehicle that resembles a stealth bomber but on the road. If you are asking yourself why you should buy a new Audi R8 Coupe, then you have come to the right place for answers. Read on to learn more. 

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Impressive performance 

Prepare for launch. At the heart of the R8 models lies a 5.2 litre naturally-aspirated V10 engine. The R8 V10 performance produces an astounding 602 HP, rocketing to 100 km/h in a scant of 3.3 seconds with an intoxicating soundtrack to match. With built-in launch control, the seven-speed S tronic gearbox is always ready for fun. Manual control and paddle shifters offer keen drivers that extra level of involvement.

Head-turning exterior style

The Audi R8 is one of the most recognizable vehicles in the world and stands out everywhere it goes with unique design elements. One of the most iconic details is the side blade, available in different finishes. The R8 is already one of the most exclusive cars on the road, and you can personalize yours in the factory. Through the Audi exclusive program, you can choose from hundreds of body and side blade colour combinations.

Packed with technology

Standard on the 2021 Audi R8 Coupe, MMI touch with handwriting-recognition technology allows the driver to “write” their entry rather than selecting letters or numbers and more easily navigate maps by moving a finger across the touchpad. Designed specifically for the Audi R8, the Bang & Olufsen Sound System offers premium audio technology. The system features 13 active speakers and a strategically placed subwoofer in the chamber of the front wheel, resulting in 550 watts of crystalline sound.

With summer just around the corner, if you are wanting to buy a high-end sports car, then you can’t really go wrong with a 2021 Audi R8 Coupe. We encourage you to schedule a test drive on our HJ Pfaff Audi website today. Additionally, at Pfaff, there’s no being handed around, no wondering if you got the best deal, and no haggling price in-person or ever. Just honest customer service that actually serves you, the customer. It’s what we like to call: the Idealership. Click here to learn more about the Pfaff Difference.

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