Car Care Products

Rim Cleaner

A concentrated gel detergent that powers away brake dust and discolouration caused by road grime, safe to use on steel and painted alloy wheels, can also be used for cleaning the engine compartment

00A 096 304 B 021

Polymer Wax Polish

An all-around care product with carnauba wax that provides excellent long-term protection against the effects of both the weather and shampoo’s, gives your paint work a deep glossy look and enables it to repel water for several months, effectively seals tiny areas of damage in the paintwork. Well suited as a rim was and glass polish for xenon headlamps

00A 096 317 A 021

Wash & Wax Shampoo

Cleans and preserves in one step, its quick drying effect makes it ideal for all handwashing applications, cleans streak free and leaves a glossy shine, contains special ingredients to help protect your vehicles paint

00A 096 315 A 021

Insect Remover

Power gel used for the removal of insect remains. Cleans streak free and ensures the driver has a clear view

000 096 300 021


Thaws frozen windows quickly and reliably, helps prevent future freezing

00A 096 322 A 021

Plastic Cleaner

Cleans plastic and coloured rubber parts on the exterior of your vehicle, its deep cleaning action removes polish residues, insects and road grime, also ideal for plastic convertible hardtops

00A 096 302 021

Active Foam Cleaner

Residue free cleaner, cleans hard surfaces down to a varnish like shine. Activated foam for cleaning upholstery, seat covers, textiles, roof covers, smooth leather surfaces and plastic parts inside your vehicle. Excellent for removing tea, coffee and nicotine stains

00A 096 301 A 021

Cockpit Care

Cleans and restores the colour of plastic parts such as the dashboard, consoles and interior trim, leaves a silky matt finish that minimizes glare, its antistatic compounds reduce dust buildup and leaves a pleasantly fresh citrus scent

00A 096 307 021

Leather Care

This cleaner provides effective and protective cleaning. The protection cream with UV protection impregnates, nourishes and protects the leather against fading soiling and drying out, keep it soft and attractive for a long time

4L0 096 372 015

Premium Car Wash Mitt

This long lasting synthetic fibre wash mitt gently removes dirt and road grime from your vehicles paint

ZAW 911 380

Synthetic Drying Cloth  

This premium drying cloth helps leave your vehicle dry and shining, made from synthetic fibre that is not affected by mildew or car care chemicals

ZAW 911 140

Wheel cleaning Brush

Its soft Tampico bristles are twisted in a flexible wire to help easily remove dirt from between wheel spokes

ZAW 911 630

Snow Brush

This heavy duty snow brush offers an extra wide soft bristle head with extending handle for better reach and ice scrapper at one end

8R0 096 010 C

Please contact dealer for any questions regarding price and availability, some accessories may be available to you that are not shown on our site, if there is something specific you are looking for please feel free to contact your parts department or sales staff.