Some of the best selling Audis of the past decade The fact that, for the past 50 years, this company has competed directly against Mercedes in producing the greatest German luxury cars on the mark...Read More

The Audi AI: TRAIL Nighttime in a dark, Scandinavian forest. It is silent; only a quiet rustling can be heard from time to time in the undergrowth. Suddenly, a quiet hum vibrates the air, and glow...Read More

How does the Audi quattro system work? Audi quattro all-wheel drive, quattro four-wheel drive or quattro 4×4; whatever you want to call it, there’s no doubt the trademark Audi ‘quattro’...Read More

Differences between Audi RS and non-Audi RS vehicles Let’s start off with a few basic facts. The Audi S/RS range are high-performance versions of the standard cars just like BMW M and Mercedes A...Read More


Some of the best Audi coupes of all time August Horch founded his first car company in 1899. You probably don’t know much about that one. After some disagreements with his board of directors, Ho...Read More


Test drive a 2020 Audi S3 There are sedans and then there are sports sedans. This is the latter. If the 288 HP engine doesn’t move you, the striking sporty design will. If you are looking for a...Read More

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