Electric Car Dealer near Me

Electric vehicles offer the best of the automotive worlds. You get the power you need to get around and drive a car that doesn’t contribute to pollution. If you’ve decided it’s time to find an electric car dealer near Newmarket, Ontario, then visit Audi Newmarket.

Our team is here to help you find the EV that fits into your lifestyle. Discover more about our dealership below.

The Pfaff Difference

The Pfaff Difference is the guidelines that our dealership has put in place to provide an excellent customer experience.

At our Audi dealership, you’ll receive our best prices first. This transparent upfront pricing ensures that you know exactly how much your Audi will cost, including sales tax and other fees.

When you shop at our dealership, you’ll work with one sales associate for the entire process. You don’t get passed around, and our sales associate understands your automotive needs better.

Our Audi dealership has a 3-day, 300-km money-back guarantees on new vehicles to ensure shoppers feel confident in their choice.*

Electric Vehicle Inventory

When shopping for your next electric vehicle, you can do so in two ways at our Audi dealership—in person and online. Our team is here to help you find your next vehicle in both types of shopping.

Our website has an updated inventory of new and pre-owned electric Audi vehicles. You can sort through our inventory via search filters, including factors like colour, body style, and more.

Additional information on each mode is available on their specific model page. There, you’ll find photos, specs, and highlighted features for a complete look at each model before a test drive.

Servicing Your Electric Vehicle

Every vehicle needs occasional maintenance. That’s true of electric cars, too. Contact our service centre when it comes time to schedule your EV’s maintenance. We have Audi-certified and trained technicians who know how to service an Audi expertly. Our service centre even offers an Audi loaner vehicle for longer-term service or repairs.

Everyone’s schedule is different. That’s why our Audi service centre has an Express Service Kiosk. Drop your vehicle off or pick it up on your schedule.

EV Charging

Shop For Your Electric Vehicle Today

Are you ready to shop for your next EV at an electric car dealer near Newmarket, ON? Audi Newmarket looks forward to helping drivers select their vehicle and experience the Pfaff Difference for themselves. Contact us today.