Performance Cars

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Performance Cars

High performance cars are a dream for many drivers. The fast acceleration, braking and maneuverability of a high performance car are something special, not to mention the comfort and quality control offered by the higher end models. At H.J.Pfaff Audi in Newmarket, we have a very large selection of high quality performance cars. All of our vehicles are available for a test drive and we encourage you to visit our website, or come into our dealerships to check these performance vehicles out for yourself. From the Audi R8 to our RS lineup, if you have the need for speed, H.J. Pfaff Audi is the place for you! Read on to learn about some of the benefits you can experience while driving Audi performance cars.


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Frequently, quick braking is necessary to avoid a would-be collision. When someone tailgates you, pulls out in front of you at an intersection, or slams on the brakes to avoid an animal in the road, you need to be able to react. More than that, your car needs to be able to react as well. High performance Audi vehicles have the very latest in high quality braking, brakes that can bring the car to a halt remarkably fast.

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Accelerating away from a stop or merging onto the highway you will always appreciate the crispness at which the Audi accelerates. Sometimes you will call on the performance aspect of acceleration for safety.  Have you ever had to accelerate to get out of the way of a possible collision?  High performance Audis are well known for their acceleration, with some of the higher end models attaining 0 to 60 in significantly less than 5 seconds.



Finally, maneuverability is a vital part of a high performance car which helps the driver to be safe. Imagine you’re driving on the freeway, something has fallen off another vehicle and ended up in your lane – you are closing in fast and have minimal time to react. You’ll need to move quickly and safely in order to avoid an impact.  The Audis sport suspension will encourage spirited and safe maneuverability which can also be helpful in poor weather conditions, even when there are no other cars around. With Audi performance cars, you can have confidence knowing that the handling and suspension is tight and responsive. If you have to make an emergency maneuver to avoid a collision, you will have the ability to do so.


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