Pfaff Means Performance


Where the principles of the track come to life on the road.

The racetrack has always been the proving ground for the company’s boldest innovations, from the genesis of quattro® all-wheel drive on the World Rally Championship circuit to direct injection in Audi’s legendary Le Mans-winning race cars.

At Pfaff, we have a 50-plus year history of performance on the racetrack. Our commitment to performance extends beyond selling and servicing the best drivers’ cars in the industry; we also provide you with more ways to experience them than any other dealer. 

Shehan Wicks

Audi Sport Expert

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Shehan’s eclectic background is in jewellery, and his path to selling Audis is an interesting one. He studied fashion design at Ryserson University, and had a successful career designing jewellery before joining Pfaff in 2009. When not connecting clients with the Audis of their dreams, he continues to be a familiar presence on television, where he has been known to do 12-hour marathons representing Canadian jewellers on The Shopping Channel.

Narith Uy

Audi Sport Service Expert

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During high school, Narith worked as a co-op student at a Mercedes-Benz dealership, and has worked with the BMW brand as a car porter/wash person, working his way up through being an apprentice; he gained two years of shop experience, and decided to become a service advisor. He has worked at Pfaff Audi since September 2014. The Audi brand has always held a particular fascination for Narith thanks to its rally heritage; in his time outside of work, he enjoys riding his motorcycle and tinkering with his car. Narith lives in Newmarket and speaks Khmer.