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Pfaff RS3


Where the principles of the track come to life on the road.

At Pfaff, we have a 50-plus year history of performance on the racetrack. Our commitment to performance extends beyond selling and servicing the best drivers’ cars in the industry; we also provide you with more ways to experience them than any other dealer.

That includes our industry leading Pfaff Performance Track days.

Audi S4


Less really is more. Less consumption but more power. Less weight but more technology. Less driving machine and more driving legend. The S4 rewrites the rules when it comes to sports sedans. Legendary quattro all-wheel drive and a turbocharged V6 engine hide underneath beautifully sculpted body lines.
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Audi S5


Demand more. More performance. More technology. More attention. The Audi S5 doesn’t just get you from A to B, it gets you noticed. Available in Coupe, Cabriolet, and all-new Sportback body styles, the newly developed turbocharged V6 engine pushes out 354 hp and rockets the S5 Sportback to 100 km/h in just 4.8 seconds.

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Audi TT RS


Rise and drive. The all-new Audi TT RS is built for demanding drivers who appreciate challenging roads. The unique 5-cylinder engine pushes out an astonishing 400 HP. Floor the throttle and feel it explode from 0-100 km/h in a scant 3.7 seconds. Driving will never be the same again.

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Audi RS3


The science is simple. Take a sleek compact sedan and add a high output engine, mix in our distinguished motorsport heritage and fuse it with the iconic quattro. The result? The already legendary RS 3 Sedan. Delivering race-car performance from its 5-cylinder engine, the only thing faster will be your heartbeat.

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Audi RS5

2018 A5_S5_RS5 Coupe


The all-new 2019 Audi RS 5 offers concentrated performance in a precisely designed package. Elegant, sweeping lines give way to aggressive air intakes and oversized tailpipes, while the new 2.9-litre TFSI bi-turbo V6 supports the promises made by its ruthless stare.

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Audi RS5 Sportback


The first ever Audi RS 5 Sportback is made to outperform. Featuring a bold RS look and a bi-turbo V6, it has the show to match the go.

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Audi R8 Coupe

2018 R8





Some legends are real.

While many cars like to claim racing heritage, the R8 Coupé is a true thoroughbred. Sharing 50% of its parts with R8 GT3 LMS race car, this car is born on the track and built for the road. With Power up to 602hp, 0-100 km/h in as little as 3.3 seconds and a top speed up to 330 km/h this is definitely not for the faint of heart.

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Shehan Wicks

Audi Sport Expert

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Shehan’s eclectic background is in jewellery, and his path to selling Audis is an interesting one. He studied fashion design at Ryserson University, and had a successful career designing jewellery before joining Pfaff in 2009. When not connecting clients with the Audis of their dreams, he continues to be a familiar presence on television, where he has been known to do 12-hour marathons representing Canadian jewellers on The Shopping Channel.

Narith Uy

Audi Sport Service Expert

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During high school, Narith worked as a co-op student at a Mercedes-Benz dealership, and has worked with the BMW brand as a car porter/wash person, working his way up through being an apprentice; he gained two years of shop experience, and decided to become a service advisor. He has worked at Pfaff Audi since September 2014. The Audi brand has always held a particular fascination for Narith thanks to its rally heritage; in his time outside of work, he enjoys riding his motorcycle and tinkering with his car. Narith lives in Newmarket and speaks Khmer.