Winter Storage Tips

Storing your Audi for the winter? We all know that they thrive in the snow – but if you’re planning on storing your Audi now that the cold weather has arrived, here are some great tips and suggestions from our Master Audi Technician:

1. Make sure the fuel tank is full of fuel. If it’s a 6 month –over winter type of storage fuel condition is not usually an issue. If the car is stored longer, up to and over a year or more add fuel stabilizer according to directions (available from H.J. Pfaff Audi for purchase if requested).

2. Wash the vehicle if necessary, but ensure it is not parked and left wet if possible. Pick a nice day where you can wash it, fuel up and drive for  20km or so to completely dry out the brakes and exhaust system before parking.

3. Do not leave food items in the vehicle as this will attract mice etc. Ensure storage area has this issue covered as well.

4. Fill air in tires to maximum inflation as stated on the sidewall, this will help with” flat spotting” the tire over the time of storage.

5. Buy a quality battery maintainer (we have Audi battery maintainers available at our Parts counter).  This can be left on the vehicle with minimal power consumption to the source and will ensure the battery stays in good condition. These will basically bring the battery up to its correct state, then back off at a very low milliamp output. You don’t have to disconnect the battery, and in the spring everything will operate as it should with no settings needed to be reinstated.

6. Lock the vehicle with the maintainer in place and ensure all lids and doors , windows are closed. Today’s cars will “go to sleep” electronically and use minimal power once this occurs.

7. Place the key in a safe place away from the vehicle.

8. Try to avoid “just starting the vehicle up to make sure everything is OK” scenario – all this does is create moisture in the exhaust and crankcase causing issues later. When a vehicle is started it should be driven.

9. Invest in a light cover for the car, things can easily bump and scratch the vehicle while its left in a garage spot.

Keep all this in mind and all should be good to go for when the car comes out again!

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