Should I buy a used SUV in Newmarket?


Should I buy a used SUV in Newmarket?

If you’re looking for a new car, consider buying a used Audi. You can save money and move up to a luxury car at the same time. The Audi has an excellent reputation for reliability and a superior driving experience. If you are looking for answers on if you should buy a used SUV in Newmarket, then H.J. Pfaff Audi is here to supply you with those answers. In this article, we take a look at why it can be beneficial to purchase a used SUV from our dealership in Newmarket.


Buying a used Audi vehicle…Should you?

If you’re looking at new cars, has sticker shock struck yet? With new car prices rising every year, more and more Canadians are looking at used cars. That’s especially true if you want to buy a luxury brand. When you buy used, you get more car for your money. Depending on the model, you can buy a used Audi for a very affordable price.


If driving experience is a big part of what you’re looking for, driving an economy car just won’t give you the satisfaction you get from driving an Audi. The chance to go Audi is a big incentive to buy used. Audi has a reputation for attention to detail and premium materials, from wood ornaments to superior leather. Audi is often cited as having the best designed interiors in the industry. Design is important on these cars, with an emphasis on a clean look with a luxurious feel.


Another reason to consider buying a used Audi is they pretty much invented all-wheel drive for passenger cars back in the 1980’s.  As a result most Audi’s produced are all-wheel drive which makes them capable of handling all manners of road conditions. This is a particularly important feature to have if you experience snow and ice in the winter months. An Audi SUV can be a great choice for you if you drive in these conditions.


Some advantages of purchasing a used Audi SUV

Here are a few practical reasons why you should purchase a used luxury SUV.


Less depreciation:

Did you know that a new car will often lose 50 percent of its value over 4 years? In most cases, a used luxury car depreciates less than a new car over a same period of time.


Comfort and convenience:

Luxury cars are usually the first, often by years, to have the features that add a higher level of comfort and convenience to the drive, like automatic and zoned climate control. A luxury car that’s 4 years old can have more high-end features than a new economy car.


Buying a used SUV in Newmarket is a great choice! If you are looking for a high quality luxury SUV that will provide you and your family with safety, then an Audi SUV is the right vehicle for you. For more information about our selection of used SUVs in Newmarket, please feel free to continue browsing through our website. Click here to find our contact information, schedule a test drive, or to fill out our contact form.