Things to know about the Audi R8


Things to know about the Audi R8 

Audi is undoubtedly one of the top luxury car manufacturers in the world, along with fellow German giants like BMW and Mercedes-Benz. Together, those three manufacturers defined the luxury car market as we see it today, even from their earliest days in the 20th century. The latest supercar from Audi was quick to make waves when it was revealed at several auto shows around the world. The Audi R8 has become an iconic performance vehicle for many reasons, and if you are lucky enough to own one, or even see one on the roadway, it’s a real privilege. At HJ Pfaff Audi in Newmarket, ON, our customers can get behind the wheel of an Audi R8 and truly experience the power and exhilarating performance. In this blog, we share a few things that every Audi R8 enthusiast should know about this high-end performance vehicle.

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The Audi R8 is hand-built

The 2020 Audi R8 comes straight out of Audi’s renowned manufacturing facility in Neckarsulm, Germany, where a team of 241 technicians is responsible for measuring and assembling the R8 by their own hands. Of course, robotics is still used in the manufacturing process to maintain quality and safety, but it’s replaced by manual labor whenever possible.

One of the last V-10’s

You may think it’s all over for V10 engines, but that’s far from true. Although the V10 is still used in only 2 production cars, it still holds a special place in every car enthusiast’s heart. Along with the Lamborghini Huracan, the R8 houses a hand-assembled V10 with a 562 horsepower output.

One of the more unique interior designs 

Although many modern production cars rely heavily on providing big touch screens, the R8 does things much differently. The interior of the R8 is full of luxurious leather and gives an authentic driving experience with a totally digital gauge cluster. It also has voice-command options and comprehensive steering wheel controls and dials.

New design for the exterior in 2020 

The 2020 R8 has an all-new and revamped exterior look. The R8’s front end wears a stylish grill with three airflow inlets. The R8 also has wider intakes and sports an improved aerodynamic design. The exclusive Audi program also allows customers to personalize the R8’s looks in terms of body and side blade colors.

Not for shopping trips

It was a daring decision from R8 to exclude cargo space from its priorities, seeing as the industry today places great value on practicality. However, Audi seems to intend the R8 to be driven for one purpose only, and it’s the sheer enjoyment of the driving experience.

LED entry lights 

Another thing that sets the R8 apart is its entry lights option. Upon opening the R8’s doors, the entry light goes on and lights up the ground under the door. It’s actually great for providing safety at night. You can choose between a “Quattro” entry light or one with the iconic Audi logo.

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