Tips for keeping your Audi ready for winter driving

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Tips for keeping your Audi ready for winter driving 

Have you recently purchased an Audi vehicle and you are wondering how you can make sure it is ready for the winter weather? Your Audi can handle winter road conditions pretty soundly, but there are certain things that you can do before the snow comes to prepare your Audi for winter driving. Our service department at HJ Pfaff Audi in Newmarket, ON is always ready to help you make sure that your Audi is well prepared for winter. In this article, we share some information about a few tips for keeping your Audi ready for winter driving. 

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What things can I do to prepare my Audi?

The following list includes a few things that you should make sure are in working order on your Audi to make sure it is prepared for winter driving.


A good set of winter tires with plenty of tread will go a long way in providing safety on the road in winter conditions. You can check out our winter tires packages at HJ Pfaff Audi by clicking here. 

Windshield Wipers:

Your windshield wipers should be in good condition and functioning properly as they are essential to clear off the sleet from your windshield. Your service technician can replace damaged wipers or repair a wiper motor if it is not functioning optimally.  


It is also a good idea to make sure your Audi’s fluids are all topped up. Windshield wiper fluid, oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid, all essential fluids should be topped up. This ensures that your vehicle is well lubricated and can function optimally in harsh weather. 


Another thing that you should do to prepare your Audi for winter driving is to make sure that yoru vehicle’s battery is functioning properly. Is it holding a good charge? How old is your vehicle’s battery currently? You don’t want to find yourself in a scenario where your vehicle won’t start and you are stuck in bad winter weather. Your HJ Pfaff Audi service technicians will test your battery and make sure it is working correctly or replace it. 

These are just a few tips to consider if you are looking to prepare your Audi for winter driving. To learn more about this, we encourage you to get in touch with a member of our HJ Pfaff Audi team today.

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